I thought my life had reached its peak when I saw ABBA at the age of 9. I worked hard to find some meaning after that and then I found law – Dancing Queens were replaced by Q.C.s and my robes and wigs were more sombre, but I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years and I love it.

I spent 15 years at Minter Ellison and 8 years as a partner at Kennedys. I’d witnessed countless workplace disputes that were entirely avoidable. That’s why, in 2015, I embarked on my mission to prevent workplace conflict before it escalates, and Bicknell Law & Consulting was born. I do the usual employment lawyery stuff, from contracts to dispute resolution, but my focus is on dispute prevention.

I’ve educated countless business owners and managers on mastering the art of performance management, equipping them with bespoke scripts, coaching, workshops, and courses, provided online and in-person. My ultimate goal? Empowering my clients with the expertise and tools to handle challenges independently – making myself redundant!

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Helen Perrottet joined Bicknell Law & Consulting as a Senior Associate in 2018, but before that she did lots of really interesting things.

Helen worked as a Public Relations Officer for the Australian Defence Force, as an Australian Federal Police Officer, and as a political advisor. 

This was followed by 4 years as a litigator in a law firm and a stint as an Associate to a Federal Circuit Court Judge.  

Helen then joined another law firm and spent 4 years working in employment law and conducting workplace investigations. 

Helen has extensive experience in advising government and industry groups including hospitality, retail, cleaning, security, property management, churches and construction.

On top of her private practice work, Helen has provided legal services to the Australian Army since January 2014, with a focus on investigations, employment law and administrative law. 

Fun fact: Helen is a former winner of the Australian Beginner Championships of Ceroc Dancing (which apparently is a blend of jive, ballroom and swing dancing). Fortunately, the pull of the law was too great, and Helen abandoned her dancing career to direct her creativity into resolving workplace issues with aplomb and flair.