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I joined Business & Life Advisor Rebecca Saunders from The Champagne Lounge in episode 15 of her podcast, where I discussed how to master difficult workplace conversations.

Here’s a glimpse of the invaluable insights you’ll gain from listening to the podcast:

🌟 Address Performance Issues
🔀 Navigate Employee Transitions
🗣️ Emphasize Timely Communication
🤝 Unconventional Approaches.

Ready to dive into this inspiring conversation? The link to listen to the full podcast is below!

🎧 Mastering Difficult Workplace Conversations with Jen Bicknell

Check out my chat with the wonderful Michelle Pascoe on The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast – Building Stronger Teams: The Importance of Skilful Workplace Dialogue.

A key issue that we discussed was the importance of business owners, managers and supervisors addressing issues as soon as possible. Delay never makes the problem go away.

Facilitating difficult conversations is where I thrive, so much so that I created my ‘Awkward to Awesome’ Workshop and an online course – ‘Difficult Conversations in the Workplace – A Lawyer’s Guide to Not needing a Lawyer’.

Listen to the full podcast in the link below!

🎧 Episode 197: Building Stronger Teams: The Importance of Skilful Workplace Dialogue

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