Helping you prevent small workplace issues becoming big, hairy ones.

No-one actually enjoys long, messy, expensive legal disputes. They’re stressful, keep you awake at night… and they involve dealing with lawyers!

But my research (over 30 years of lawyering) has shown me that when we manage humans well and we have difficult conversations sooner rather than later:

  • We tend to be less stressed
  • We sleep well
  • We spend less time with lawyers.

That’s where I come in. I want to help you need as little time with me as possible!

My job is to be an extension of your business, doing the “lawyery” stuff you require and strategically advising you to embrace dispute prevention so the little workplace issues remain just that.

All the ways I can help you 


We specialise in dispute resolution, giving you the strategy, scripts and documentation to handle difficult conversations well.

We also do all the traditional “lawyery” stuff like contracts, policies, Fair Work Act guidance and general legal advice.



Transform the way you tackle workplace issues by mastering the art of having confident conversations, even on difficult topics.

Choose from online learning, a one-off personalised coaching session or multi session deep dives.



Take your team’s communication skills to the next level with a Confident Conversations workshop, online or face to face.

Workshop includes an interactive discussion about how to plan for and have difficult conversations.



This 1-hour online learning experience is ideal for business owners, managers or employees ready to stop avoiding the hard conversations.

From video tutorials and workplace scenarios, you’ll learn a simple process to handle any conversation.


“Jen is an absolute powerhouse lawyer you 100% need in your corner."

"She takes a no-nonsense approach to achieve quick resolutions. Jen had protecting both myself as the business owner and our business in mind. I felt more at ease from the moment we engaged Jen as I knew she had our back and our dispute was resolved within days. I can strongly recommend Jen.”

— Abbie White | CEO, Sales Redefined

"People management is so difficult because being a human is complex!"

"I know that if I ever need to have a difficult conversation, I have the new skills that Jen has taught me and if I stumble, I know I can reach out and get help from her. That alone makes it much easier to dive right in. I feel empowered to hold everyone in my team to the same fair and reasonable expectations consistently. Jen is now like a permanent member of my team. Even if she has have taught me enough that for the most part I can do it on my own, I love knowing she's got my back when needed!"

— Samantha Kourtis, Co Managing Partner, Capital Chemist Charnwood


"As Managing Director of a small business, one of my biggest challenges is ensuring that I am doing the right thing by my employees and contractors."

"I have always been nervous about saying the wrong thing or not saying the right thing and then landing myself in hot water! So to have someone like Jen in my back pocket is hugely reassuring.

Jen has helped me to navigate a couple of tricky situations by providing me with relevant legal advice and coaching. Jen can tell me exactly what to say and how to say it, to ensure that I am compliant with workplace law.

I highly recommend Jen to anyone who deals with staff. And I also recommend that you sign up to her fortnightly newsletter where she shares learning and take outs from workplace law cases – these have been really helpful in highlighting all of the situations to potentially be aware of as an employer. It’s a very quick and funny read".

Jane Hillsdon, Managing Director, Dragonfly Marketing


“Jen was fantastic in coaching me through a transition phase of our business"

"I was not comfortable or practiced in conducting difficult conversations with my employees and Jen helped me with how to frame the psychological, emotional and legal aspects of these conversations and conduct them in a respectful and productive manner. I’ve continued to work with Jen as I highly value her accessibility, advice and counsel”.

— CEO, Media organisation

Hi there, I’m Jen, lawyer and doer of good

You’re here either because you Googled ‘world’s most un-lawyery lawyer’ or because a friend or colleague recommended me. Welcome! 

I’ve been lawyering for 30+ years and do the traditional “lawyery” stuff like drafting employment contracts and resolving disputes, but most of the time I work with clients as an extension of their business; strategically advising them on how to prevent small workplace issues becoming big, hairy ones.

My ultimate goal is to empower my clients with the expertise and tools to handle challenges independently – making myself redundant!

Jen! I need your help!

If you need me (or want to learn how to not need me), let’s chat.

1. Pick up the phone

Don’t twist yourself into knots over a messy workplace situation. Just pick up the phone or send me an email.


2. Get support you need

I’ll give you the strategy and documentation to handle the situation, and even a script to guide any difficult conversations.


3. Sleep well

You can stop stressing and sleep well knowing either I’ve got the situation handled, or I’ve given you the tools to self manage it.


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“This is always a highlight of my inbox! I learn & I laugh, a great combination”  

Lea Boyce, Specialist Family Business Advisor, Boyce Family Office


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