What Workplace Conversations Do You Avoid or Delay?

Managers, business owners and employees all need to have conversations about:

  • Feedback
  • Performance management
  • Termination
  • Redundancy
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Pay reviews
  • Promotions
  • Mental health

Unfortunately, many people avoid having these conversations in a timely manner…or at all!

Why are we reluctant to have difficult conversations? 

  • We are scared
  • We want to be liked
  • We are unable to find the right words

And this has consequences…

Case Study: The Pivoting Entrepreneur

One of my clients (let’s call her Ella) created a start-up. She hired employees and things were going great until…the business needed to pivot. The roles of a couple of employees who had been there since the beginning were no longer needed.

Ella desperately avoided the redundancy conversations until she couldn’t any longer. She didn’t know what words to use (and she didn’t have the confidence to use them). Ella made peace with her necessary business decision, and during our coaching sessions we prepared an outline for the conversations and then practiced them together.

Getting it Right

Ella handled the conversations with the employees with compassion and confidence and they left on good terms. Since then, Ella’s business has pivoted a few more times and there’s been more redundancies. Ella still sends me her discussion outlines for review. I send back a gold star.

Way to go Ella!

Transform Your Approach And Master Confident Conversations

Many of my clients have transformed the way they tackle workplace issues.

By having the courage and confidence to be proactive, they can:

  •  Save time and money on legal costs and recruitment
  •  Focus on growing their business or progressing their career
  •  Experience less stress and sleep better at night

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Sustainable Success

To transform behaviour on a sustained basis we need to:

  • Identify our current behaviour
  • Understand why change is needed
  • Design the solution required
  • Execute a ‘best practice’ plan
  • Reinforce the new behaviour

Trainings are designed to sustain transformed behaviour.

Confident Conversations Are Crucial For Your Success

If you have been avoiding difficult conversations your whole life but have decided that:

  • You want to focus on growing your business
  • You want to improve workplace culture, productivity and profit
  • You don’t want to spend time with or money on lawyers
  • You want that promotion or pay rise
  • You want to reduce your stress levels and sleep soundly

Then there’s a number of ways you can transform the way you approach difficult conversations in the workplace…

Who is this for?

Business Owners, Managers and Employees who need more confidence in:

    • giving or receiving feedback
    • dealing with performance management issues
    • managing others
    • finding the right words 
    • addressing bullying or harassment claims

Ready to learn how to tackle difficult conversations with confidence?

Confident Conversations

Take your communication skills to the next level.

Confident Conversations



 Your investment



1 hour online course.


Transcript of course content.

Instant access.

Confident Conversations

Deep Dive


 Your investment



1 hour one-on one coaching session to create your ‘best practice’ plan and review template outlines for performance management and other difficult conversations.

Template script outlines provided.

1 hour online course.


Transcript of course content.

Confident Conversations



 Your investment



Package of 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions.

Create a personal ‘best practice’ plan and have access to template outlines for performance management and other difficult conversations.

Work on specific problems that you are dealing with in your workplace.

Template script outlines provided.

1 hour online course.


Transcript of course content.

Additional coaching sessions are available @ 1 hour – $549 plus GST

“Jen was fantastic in coaching me through a transition phase of our business. I was not comfortable or practiced in conducting difficult conversations with my employees and Jen helped me with how to frame the psychological, emotional and legal aspects of these conversations and conduct them in a respectful and productive manner. I’ve continued to work with Jen as I highly value her accessibility, advice and counsel”.


Media organisation

“People management is so difficult because being a human is complex! I know that if I ever need to have a difficult conversation, I have the new skills that Jen has taught me and if I stumble, I know I can reach out and get help from her. That alone makes it much easier to dive right in. I feel empowered to hold everyone in my team to the same fair and reasonable expectations consistently. Jen is now like a permanent member of my team. Even if she has have taught me enough that for the most part I can do it on my own, I love knowing she’s got my back when needed!”

Samantha Kourtis

Co Managing Partner, Capital Chemist Charnwood

“As Managing Director of a small business, one of my biggest challenges is ensuring that I am doing the right thing by my employees and contractors. I have always been nervous about saying the wrong thing or not saying the right thing and then landing myself in hot water! So to have someone like Jen in my back pocket is hugely reassuring.

Jen has helped me to navigate a couple of tricky situations by providing me with relevant legal advice and coaching. Jen can tell me exactly what to say and how to say it, to ensure that I am compliant with workplace law.

I highly recommend Jen to anyone who deals with staff. And I also recommend that you sign up to her fortnightly newsletter where she shares learning and take outs from workplace law cases – these have been really helpful in highlighting all of the situations to potentially be aware of as an employer. It’s a very quick and funny read”.

Jane Hillsdon

Managing Director, Dragonfly Marketing

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