At Bicknell Law & Consulting we specialise in workplace law. Our principal, Jennifer Bicknell has been resolving disputes for over 25 years. 

Need a contract or a policy? No problem.

Need advice about the Fair Work Act or any other workplace laws? Sure, we can do that. 

But as we all know, workplace law isn’t just about statutes. It’s about people.  People are complicated…and managing people is really hard.  

That’s where we come in. 

We get a real kick out of coming up with bespoke, practical solutions to difficult problems. We help our clients determine a strategy that works best for their business and we give them the tools to implement it. 


 We give them the words for those difficult performance management conversations. 

 We help them manage the toxic employee who is making everyone else miserable.

 We empower them to treat the employee with a mental health issue with dignity and respect. 

  We guide them through bullying and harassment claims. 

  We manage reputation risks… and pretty much anything else that can go wrong in a workplace.


Our Clients

Words to describe the clients of Bicknell Law and Consulting… apart from insanely attractive and unfeasibly smart? Savvy, money wise, pragmatic.

We think of ourselves as part of your business, your team, and not just someone you call when things go wrong. Our clients would rather spend ten minutes on the phone brainstorming a solution to a problem, than $10,000 fixing one. They prefer peace of mind to panic.

We act for a broad range of clients including large multi-nationals, SMEs, and executives.

 If you are insanely attractive and unfeasibly smart and prefer peace of mind to panic please email at:

or call 0411 275 920

“We choose Jennifer Bicknell because she understands our business and gives us the right advice to quickly find a solution for our HR needs. Passionate and professional, Jennifer helps us navigate the minefield of employment law in plain English and helps us plan pre-emptive strategies to avoid issues before they occur”.

Daniel Malki

General Manager, Jet Technologies

Although I have never veered away from hard conversations, those relating to employment law, and staff related matters, I have always been mindful to get it right. Until meeting Jennifer, anything related to workplace matters was just a plain headache. Now, Jennifer is my “go-to” for any issues that require an extra set of eyes, ears and advice related to employment matters.

Jennifer not only has a practical and firm stand-point, but her approachable nature allows hard conversations to be on a more balanced level. I feel my business has a strong advisor in this field and would not hesitate in recommending Jennifer’s services.

Julie Ockerby

Principal Creative Director, Meli Studio