Dear Office Christmas Party Organisers

Props to you. It’s a thankless task.

So, what theme are you running with this year?

Organiser No. 1…you what? Cancelled the party. Interesting. Be sure to let me know whether those gift vouchers make up for yet another lost opportunity in 2020 for human connection.

Organiser No. 2…are you kidding? You’re having a “Virtual Disco”. I guess it makes sense. Most of us haven’t spent enough time on Zoom this year, huh! And it doesn’t sound lame. At all…

Organiser No. 3…hold on. You’ve organised a “Party”. At a venue. Are you insane? Don’t you realise:

– your team will have a reason to bathe and leave the house wearing something other than activewear?

– the effect that spending time together sans technology will have on morale?

– that share platters and buffets are banned so it’s table service all the way?

– you will be providing much needed support to the hard hit hospitality industry?

– there will be no dancing or karaoke?

Mmm…starting to sound just a little bit like the best office Christmas party ever!

TAKE OUT POINT: For many, 2020 has been a year of doom, gloom, and Zoom.

Isolation. Loneliness. Worry. Stress. Uncertainty. Unemployment.

If you have a team, and it’s safe to do so, think about taking them out to celebrate that you have each other, that you made it to December…and that you are not at a “Zoom Disco”!


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