Across Australia, women of a certain age are leaving the workplace in droves, and we need to talk about it.

Menopause affects every single woman, and causes 1 in 10 women to leave the workplace or diminish their career opportunities.

That’s not only sad but such a waste of talent!

I recently attended an extraordinary conference with Shelly Horton, Dr Ginni Mansberg and a group of fabulous women eager to learn about how we can support and keep women in the workplace.

So what to do?

Contrary to what many think, women affected by menopause are not seeking extra leave from work.

What workplaces need is:

1. The eradication of STIGMA by having candid, respectful, positive conversations.
2. EDUCATION for all – not just women.
3. To embrace simple, but life changing ADJUSTMENTS.

Let’s make a difference.

Let’s start talking about Menopause in the Workplace.


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