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Jens Lens

What trend am I seeing out there in the workplace world?

A lack of permission marketing*.

I will never engage a stranger who emails me with promises to improve my website.

I ignore LinkedIn messages from randoms who want to coach me.

Unless I know, like and trust you – or you are recommended by someone I know, like and trust – we won’t be doing business.

*Google the genius, Seth Godin.



Worst Job Of the Week


Decent salary, but bonuses will be limited irrespective of performance due to predecessor’s baggage. Indefinite economy travel ‘for appearances sake’.

Woman Wears Wacky Wigs to Work After Pink Hair Banned

A company recruited a receptionist after interviewing her over the phone. Upon being told that her pink hair breached company policy, the employee accepted her manager’s suggestion to wear a wig – and the wacky wig campaign was born. The company’s reception desk is fronted by an employee who chooses her wigs on the basis of “the worse the wig, the better”.

Take Out Point: Gotta love this employee’s sense of humour!

Hot Tip: If you have a “No Pink Hair Policy”, when hiring a receptionist, conduct interviews in person or on Zoom.

See: Woman Banned from Having Pink Hair at Work

Jimmy Fallon Apologises after Being Accused of Bullying and Erratic Behaviour

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon has been accused of fostering a toxic workplace by 2 current and 14 former staff. They have reported “nightmare” experiences working with the popular tv host, having to walk on eggshells due to Fallon’s erratic behaviour. Fallon has reportedly apologised over Zoom, saying “Sorry if I embarrassed you and your family and friends… I feel so bad I can’t even tell you”.

Take Out Point: I’m gonna have to find a new favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour. Fallon’s weasel word apology has left a bad taste in my mouth.

See: Jimmy Fallon Apologises for Toxic Workplace

Lawyers Terrified That AI Will Take Their Jobs

In news that will upset absolutely no-one (except lawyers), research by Thomson Reuters has revealed that more than half of private practice lawyers believe AI will threaten their jobs. It’s no wonder that top tier firms are running cash incentivised competitions for their staff to come up with new ideas on how to integrate AI into their legal work.

Take Out Point: Bring it on! AI presents exciting opportunities for those of us who want to embrace them.

See: Lawyers Fear Jobs To Be Lost To AI


Fair Work Commission Hears Case Under New Sexual Harassment Laws

The Fair Work Commission has recently dealt with one of the very first sexual harassment cases under the new laws.

An inappropriate video recording of an employee was in circulation. To view or circulate the video may constitute a criminal act due to the age of the employee in the video.

All parties through their parents and legal representatives, agreed to the FWC making consent orders in respect of future conduct, including not discussing the video or making oral or written statements that were abusive, offensive or disparaging of the Applicant. The identities of the parties were protected due
to their age.

Take Out Point: Once more people become aware of the FWC’s jurisdiction, this jurisdiction is likely to become busier. Cases like this demonstrate what how conduct can be modified through the making of consent orders and stop sexual harassment orders.

See: Application to the FWCConsent Order 1 and Consent Order 2

Cruel and Menacing Gossip Results in Employee’s Immediate Termination

An employee was summarily dismissed for serious misconduct after she referred to a colleague as a “c*nt”, suggested that she would damage the colleague’s property and also said in her Teams online chat “fk I just want to stab her”.

The employee filed a claim for unfair dismissal contending that her comments were not made directly to her colleague, and that she felt that the comments were acceptable because they were made behind the colleague’s back.

The FWC dismissed the application, finding that the employee’s conduct was “particularly cruel and menacing. Such comments have no place in a modern workplace, exceeding what could be considered the ordinary level of workplace gossip or venting”.

Take Out Point: Just be kind…and if you can’t be kind, stay offline.

See: Janelle Warren v Office Easy Pty Ltd


On 4 September 2023, the Federal Government introduced the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023 into Parliament. The Bill seeks to make significant changes to the Fair Work Act 2009. The Bill still needs to pass the Senate before it becomes law. It is unlikely that this will occur until 2024.

If you don’t feel like reading the 284 page Bill, read our handy checklist here.


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Jen's Mailbox

Dear Jen,

My DEPARTURE from my role was brought forward by a couple of months.

I’ m leaving with CLASSIC REWARDS.

Sadly, no BON VOYAGE dinner…apparently the BOOKING was CANCELLED.

Should I CARRY ON about this or just FLY off into the sunset with my BAGGAGE?

Former CEO

Dear Former CEO,




Jen's After Work


What I Am Watching (on Netflix)

“Virgin River” is back. Some think it’s ‘jumped the shark’. Most of us wish the very annoying Hope would be taken by a shark. But I still love escaping to this beautiful Californian village (even though it’s filmed in Canada).

What I Am Excited About (on Disney)

Last year’s surprise hit “Welcome to Wrexham” has returned. I’ve missed Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney and the folk of this working-class football obsessed Welsh town.

What I Am Watching (on BritBox)

I love a UK small town cop show – especially when said small town is prone to murders. In “Ridley”, Adrian Dunbar (of “Line of Duty” fame) plays retired Detective Alex Ridley who is lured back into service as a consultant detective.

What I Inhaled (on Paramount+)

“One Night” is a Australian mystery-drama with an awesome ensemble cast and Thirroul backdrop. Three old friends revisit a night from 20 years ago after one of them writes a book. I watched in one sitting, but – health warning – don’t try this unless you have binge fitness.

What I Am Watching (on Foxtel/Binge)

I’ve always been a sucker for Belfast-based rom coms featuring an anti-social supermarket worker and preppy English current affairs reporter. “The Lovers” stars someone you’ve probably never heard of, but wished you had. To be sure, to be sure, Roisin Gallagher is fabulous.


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