More irony…

An employee of a large insurance company worked from home looking after regulatory matters, including work from home compliance. Her employer reviewed her cyber activity and identified that she had significant periods with no or minimal keyboard activity. She was given a warning.

The employee said that she didn’t believe the data. She said sometimes “the workload is a bit slow, but I have never not worked. I mean, I may go to the shops from time to time, but that is not for the entire day”.

After 18 years’ service the employment was terminated. The employee brought an unfair dismissal claim.

The Fair Work Commission found that the employee had not been performing her duties as required and she failed to provide a credible explanation. The claim was dismissed.

Take Out Point: As more employees embrace remote work, employers are increasingly monitoring output. Employees need to ensure that they are performing the inherent requirements of their role – no matter where they hit those keystrokes.

See: Suzie Cheikho v Insurance Australia Group Services Limited

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