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What trend am I seeing out there in the workplace world?

I’m seeing tension between employers and employees about the ‘right’ number of days to be worked in the office.
Everyone’s situation and expectations are different. There is no ‘right’…but as two of the articles below suggest, there are teamwork and cultural benefits that only presence in the office can deliver.


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Buzzword of the Week

“Serial entrepreneur”: someone who keeps starting new businesses in the hope that one of them will succeed. [Not to be confused with “cereal entrepreneur” Dr John Harvey Kellogg].

Job Interview Ended After 12 Minutes

During an interview, a young job candidate asked about pay and hours of work, and then asked for three reasons why he should pick the employer over someone else. The employer (who apparently is “getting sick of these punks”) ended the interview and headed to TikTok to post a video captioned “Get in line. Stay in line”. Over 5,000 people have left comments on the video.

Take Out Point: Some people are just never meant to work together.

See: Auctioneer “getting sick of these punks”

Gen Z Need To Spend Time Around The Water Cooler 

According to a BBC article, experts fear that Gen Z workers “lack exposure to the workplace norms that set them up to succeed”. Due to remote and hybrid work arrangements “workplace intangibles” are missing. There is “a lack of the casual conversations and informal observations that traditionally teach young employees how to act”. 

Take Out Point: If I was just starting out now, I’d be spending lot of time at the office, learning the stuff you don’t learn on Zoom.

See: Gen Z on the back foot

What Is The Secret Of Australia’s Best Workplace?

Judo Bank is a small Australian bank with no physical branches. It has been named Australia’s best workplace for 2023 according to LinkedIn’s latest Top Companies list.

Take Out Point: The bank requires staff to come into the office 50% of the time and has a focus on teamwork. Seems to be working for them.

See: Linkedin’s 2023 top companies list

Study Says To Hire People Who Read Books As Kids

According to an article in the AFR, researchers at RMIT and the University of Melbourne believe that employers seeking “curious employees” should ask candidates about their reading behaviour. In short, “the more often kids used libraries, read books, newspapers, and magazines, the more curious they are as young adults”.

Take Out Point: What about those of us who preferred watching telly? I’d like to think I became a curious adult (as well as a useful addition to trivia teams).

See: Hire people who read books

Crying Over Spilt Milk

Sadly, $86m in funding was not enough for the survival of the speedy grocery delivery company MilkRun. The start-up has ceased trading. According to reports, its 400 employees (not contractors) will receive redundancy payments.

Take Out Point: Props to the founders for hiring employees and leaving enough cash in the bank to pay them and suppliers at the end.

See: Milkrun closes doors

APS Flexible Work Principles – Sign of Things to Come?

The Secretaries Board has released a report containing flexible work principles for the Australian Public Service. There is a commitment to “creating flexible workplaces that embrace diversity and meet the expectations of the Australian community and [its] workforce”.

Take Out Point: Terms and conditions of the public sector often find their way into the private sector. Business owners and managers are encouraged to stay on top of reports such as this one.

See: All Roles Flexible. Principles of Flexible Work in the APS

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Jen's Mailbox

Dear Jen

I’m a celebrity.

Devastatingly, I recently had to quit a tv role I adored in South Africa after 3 just days.

I don’t want to be seen as a stereotypical make-up wearing diva who won’t eat antelope testicles.

I want roles that demonstrate my range…within reason.

Any thoughts on how to maintain my momentum without compromising my values?


Entertainment Royalty

Dear Entertainment Royalty

Probably best to speak to your agent, but like you, I have always drawn the line at having to consume animal genitalia at work.

Good Luck!


Jen's After Work

“Succession” continues to make Mondays the best day of the week.

What I Watched (on Netflix) 

“Dark Waters” is an Erin Brockovich-type movie. Mark Ruffalo plays a lawyer who takes on DuPont for poisoning thousands with toxins from their Teflon saucepan factory. (I started a raw food diet after watching this).

What I’m Being Drip Fed (on Apple) 

“The Last Thing He Told Me” is a series about a husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who disappears, baffling his wife of 1 year (Jennifer Garner) and his daughter (who doesn’t like her new step-mom). Obsessed, both with the storyline and the luxury Sausalito houseboats.

What I’m Watching (on Netflix) 

“The Diplomat” is an 8 part series starring Felicity’s Keri Russell as a US Diplomat to the UK. Created by a Producer of “The West Wing”. Shot in London, Paris and the Cotswolds. I’m in!

What I’m Watching (on SBS online)

“The Tunnel” features English and French detectives solving Channel Tunnel murders. (Now that there’s 3 seasons of death, I think I might fly rather than Eurostar next time…).

What I’m Watching (on Foxtel/Binge) 

Season 2 of “Love Me” has dropped. Easy to watch Aussie series with Hugo Weaving in it, so compulsory viewing.

What I’m Watching (on Netflix) 

Ali Wong’s chart-topping “Beef” has completely divided fans into “wow” and “huh” camps. I’m still a “huh” but will give it a chance.

What I’m Still Sporadically Watching (on Netflix) 

“Nailed It” features home bakers failing miserably. Always makes me guffaw (especially when I’ve spent a day dealing with people who don’t make me guffaw).


Jen's Last Word

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