Is it just me, or has this year gone really, really fast?

Is everyone feeling really, really tired?

Sure, I’ve packed a lot in this year. Fun. Trips. Work. More work. Self-development.

I’ve coped with feelings of overwhelm, with the love and support of family, friends… and Netflix.

But lately, I’ve been thinking… wouldn’t it be great to not feel constantly ‘busy?’ To still pack lots in, but to feel less ‘busy.’

Like you, I’ve read all the books. Listened to all the podcasts. Thought about what might work, and what just sounds like hippy guru hogwash.

Apparently, we are more likely to do things that we write down. So I’ve created a list, and started doing (and continued to not do) things that work for me.



1. Try as I might, I will NEVER be a Yogi. I will continue with Pilates, but sorry Yoga, it’s never gonna happen for you and me.

2. I’ve tried meditation many times. It leaves me bored, frustrated, and thinking about all the other things I could be doing. (Perhaps I’m not doing it right?). I’ve just renewed my annual CALM app subscription. I am committed to using it more than 3 times next year.

3. Everyone keeps raving about ‘journaling.’ Getting thoughts out of the head, and onto the page. I’ve started a journal. Today, the jury’s still out.

4. I LOVE to multitask. It makes me feel like I am achieving things. Recently some friends were shocked when I told them that I listen to business books on Audible whilst having a massage. I’m not going to do that anymore. I will miss the massages…

5. My job requires me to always be available. Workplace issues are often urgent (and sometimes scary) and my clients like to hear my reassuring voice as soon as possible. That ain’t gonna change. But, I am going to give myself permission to check my email inbox less frequently. I know I will get through more work if I am not constantly checking it. Those notifications of ALDI special buys can wait a few hours.

6. Exercise always makes me feel great. Mornings work best for me. My cat Oscar’s new wake up time is 5am. Bless. I’m taking the hint from my furry alarm clock, and starting my day earlier. (Now, I just need to work out how to turn off Netflix earlier at night, so I still get 8 hours sleep…)

7. I’ve started saying ‘no’, I’ve made my peace. People-peaser Jen can’t do everything. I’m more selective about what I go to, and how I spend my time. Suddenly, I now have more time. It’s like magic. I used to always think that I had to give a reason why I couldn’t do something. Now I just say ‘sorry, I can’t.’ No-one gets upset. Turns out, they don’t need my guilt-ridden explanation. Saying ‘no’ is OK. Try it!



I am excited to keep adding things to my list.

I have a lot of goals I want to kick in the next few years. I’m going to be really busy… but I don’t want to constantly feel “busy”.

Please share any nuggets in the comments section below (just don’t suggest that I give up Netflix… that’s not going to happen).


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