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What trend am I hearing about out there in the workplace world?

One of the unforeseen outcomes of the plague, was the “Plastic Surgery Zoom Boom”. Hours spent on Zoom, led to facial self-analysis, and in turn, appointments with surgeons sky rocketed. So will we care less about our frown lines now that we’ve returned to the office? And what will this mean for plastic surgeons’ bottom lines?

See: How Remote Work And Social Media Are Creating A Plastic Surgery Boom

Buzzword of the Week: “Corporate Accent”

A corporate accent is “the nasally, passive aggressive, professional tone of voice used to convey confidence”. Often used by someone who enunciates…Every. Single. Word.

Take Out Point: Do you know someone with a corporate accent?

See: Corporate Accent



Job of the Week: Pizza Perfect Hand Model

Dominos is on the hunt for Australia’s most exquisite set of hands. The ideal candidate needs to be a master at shadow puppetry with good hand flexibility, creativity, and the ability to lift a minimum of four pizza slices per hand.

For $100 an hour, Domino’s ANZ Head of New Product Development & Innovation Michael Treacy says “This role is no easy feat. Executing the perfect cheese pull back-to-back requires both the grace of a ballerina and the determination of a boxer”. 

How To Apply: Candidates must send in a photo or 30 second video demonstrating pizza holding, pizza pointing or otherwise pizza promoting abilities.

See: $100 an hour: Domino’s new job revealed

Company Gives Employees Who Commute Extra Leave 

Sydney based Fintech Company, Stake is listening to its employees – some love being in the office, others don’t like the burden of commuting and its impact on personal time. Stake Head of Human Resources, Aline Van Koninckxloo says “you can invent all the perks that you want in the office to make people like being there, like free food or ping pong tables or whatever you like to make the office fun, but that was not really what people were asking for. If what they miss is their time, then that’s what we should refund. In some ways, that should be the perk”.

Stake offers those who work 4 days a week in the office an extra 5 days of annual leave and those who work 5 days a week in the office, 7 extra days of annual leave.

Take Out Point: This is a great example of a company listening to its employees, and giving them options that work best for them.

See: This Company Pays For Your Commute With Extra Days Off

CEO Reveals The Truth About The “Four-Day Work Week”

CEO of Workplace Consultancy Inventium, Dr Amantha Imber reveals she hasn’t taken a Friday off all year. This is despite her Company gifting a free day on Fridays for employees who complete their work in four workdays. As CEO, the way she sees it is, if the business isn’t hitting company targets, she hasn’t earned the gift.

Dr Imber says that running the four-day work week has “truly difficult aspects”. This includes holding people accountable when they are not doing their work and trying to quantify how much work people need to do.

Take Out Point: What impact does the “Gift of the Fifth” have on the bottom line?

See: Pioneering CEO Reveals The Truth About Four-Day Work Weeks

Myth Believers More Likely to Sexually Harass Colleagues

A recently published paper commissioned by Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety has found that workers who believe in “sexual harassment myths” are 16 times more likely to use technology to sexually harass their colleagues.

The “Workplace Technology-Facilitated Sexual Harassment: Perpetration, Responses and Prevention Report” examines the nature and drivers of “workplace technology-facilitated sexual harassment” and how to better prevent, detect and respond to this form of harassment.

Take Out Point: Employers have an active duty to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The report contains helpful recommendations on how to improve workplace cultures.

See: Workplace Technology-Facility Sexual Harassment: Perpetration, Responses And Prevention Report


Right To Disconnect Laws Could Lead To Expensive Workers Compensation Claims 

An employee on sick leave was called seven times on her personal mobile and received several emails from her supervisor over four days. The contact included a warning that the police could be called to check on her. The employee claimed the contact caused her to develop an adjustment disorder with anxiety and panic disorder and rendered her unable to return to work.

The NSW Personal Injury Commission ordered the employer to pay the worker 10 months backpay and ongoing compensation for the “hostile” contact.

The Commissioner referenced the “right to disconnect legislation” in pointing out that she was “not alone” in her view that the contact was unreasonable.

Take Out Point: The new “right to disconnect” legislation will put employers’ contact with employees under a spotlight. Employers need to get ready for the new laws. Contact us if you need help with this.

See: Brennan v BWP [2024] NSWPIC 165 (4 April 2024)

Dog Fight Over Workers Compensation Claim 

An employee working from home had just finished a call with her boss when she was forced to rescue her daughter’s puppy who was being attacked by a stray dog in her front yard. The employee suffered a severe laceration to her hand and post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident.

The employer rejected the ensuing claim for workers compensation arguing that the injury did not arise out of or in the course of employment noting that rescuing pooches did not form part of the employee’s duties nor was she directed by her employer to intervene.

The Personal Injury Commission (PIC) disagreed. Noting that the worker was authorised to work from home, the PIC held that the attack occurred at the employee’s workplace and it was reasonable for her to intervene in the way that she did.

Take Out Point: Employers are obligated to provide safe workplaces, even if employees are working from home. Call us for any advice on formalising workplace procedures and policies for remote employees.

See: State of New South Wales (Western NSW Local Health District) v Knight [2023] NSWPICPD 63 (10 October 2023)

Disrespectful Sacking Of Milk Delivery Driver By Voicemail 

A truck driver was sacked by way of a voicemail after he had worked for a Milk-Delivery business for four years. The employer claimed to have a valid reason for the worker’s dismissal after he was accused of poor customer service, assault and sexual harassment.

The FWC found that the worker was “entitled to have had his dismissal handled lawfully” and the “action in dismissing the [driver] in a Saturday afternoon by voicemail was disrespectful and discourteous”. The employer was ordered to pay the worker $16,380 plus superannuation as well as the cost of upskilling to find new employment.

Take Out Point: Even with a valid reason for termination, employers must follow lawful procedures when dismissing employees. Call us if you need any advice on workplace terminations.

See: Jason Nuttall v The Trustee for Bm Supplies Unit Trust [2024] FWC 953 (12 April 2024)


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Dear Jen,

When we have team meetings on Zoom my boss insists that we have our cameras on at all times. Some days I haven’t washed my hair so I prefer to have the camera off.

Can I refuse to put the camera on?

Vain Veronica

Dear Vain Veronica,

A Zoom meeting is a work meeting.

Just because you have the option to turn the camera off, doesn’t mean you should. You wouldn’t sit under the board table to hide bad hair in a team meeting, would you?

Wash your hair and keep that camera on!



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Jen's After Work

What I Watched (On Netflix)

After a tortuous 2 year wait, the first batch of season 3 of “Bridgerton” has dropped. Penelope Featherington (aka Lady Whistledown) is looking for a husband. Binge away!

What I Watched (On ABC iview)

Award winning NZ drama “After The Party” is without a doubt one of the best shows of the year. Yes, it is about the difficult topics of alleged abuse and the breakdown of a family – but it is so brilliantly written and acted that it is impossible to turn it off.

What I Watched (On Amazon Prime)

“The Idea of You” stars Anne Hathaway as a 40 year old single mum. She meets a 24 year old Harry Styles-like character at Coachella whilst chaperoning her teen daughter. Will they fall in love, and if so, will it last? Is this movie as lame as it sounds? Yes. But sometimes a rom-com is exactly what we need.

What I Watched (On Netflix)

I inhaled “A Main In Full” – a David E Kelley adaptation of the Tom Wolfe novel about a flawed Atlanta property tycoon and those who dare to get in his way. Stars Jeff Daniels and Diane Lane…and the divine Lucy Liu.

What I Watched (On Stan)

“The Tattooist of Auschwist” is based on the real life story of a Jewish prisoner required to tattoo ID numbers on prisoners in a concentration camp in WWII. It’s also a story of love and resilience and hope. A hard, yet beautiful watch.


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