Some workplace wisdom for surviving office Melbourne Cup Day functions…from your friendly Poet Lawyerate.

The first Tuesday in November

The day that stops the nation

Every workplace takes a spell

To join the celebration

It’s not my place to be a nag

But as a lawyer it behooves

The sharing of a friendly tip

About career limiting moves

Tis’ too late to shut the gate

After the horse has bolted

So pace yourself on Cup Day

Don’t leave others revolted

Don your hat and have a punt

But drink in moderation

Cos if you horse around too much

It may cost you your vocation…


Melbourne Cup Day functions are great fun, but it’s important to remember that WHS and workplace laws apply to workplace social events.



Don’t wear blinkers.

WHS laws require you to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your employees.

If you want everyone to maintain good form, have a Cup Day Policy and share it prior to Cup Day.

Choose a safe venue. An off-site venue is still “a workplace.”

Monitor alcohol consumption, have non-alcoholic drinks available and serve plenty of food.

Set definite start and finish times.

Encourage employees to harness some restraint and not party furlong (get it?) past race time.

Your duty of care may continue after the function has ended.


The expectations on employee behaviour at a workplace function are the same as when you are “working”.

Stay on track.

Don’t take free rein.

Follow your employer’s Cup Day Policy.

No-one wants to be warned off, given a spell by HR, or be that person on the video that goes viral on the first Wednesday in November!



Have a great day and I hope you back a winner!


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